Photo by Jen Conway

Photo by Jen Conway

One spring evening, many years ago, I sat at a sidewalk table in front of a busy downtown restaurant, having a late meal with a friend. He was a man who I held in high regard and I always enjoyed the depth of our conversations. As the night went on, the dialogue became increasingly abstract and he said something that I have always known to be true.

“We are all searching for something.”

Among some of the most difficult and painful moments in my life I have observed a common dilemma.  At those times my life seemed to be, at least to some extent, devoid of meaning. I have learned, over the years, that when I feel this way I need to change something.

Years after that conversation, I attended a men’s retreat. It was during one of these more challenging periods. There, for the first time, I found myself walking the labyrinth. It was a practice at which I scoffed before. I believed it to be a ritual that was inane at best. But, that day I kept an open mind and tried it.

I was riddled with confusion in many areas of my life then. But, as I walked the labyrinth, repeatedly reversing course through the circuits, I heard the simplest and clearest of directives. Stay on the path.

Walking the labyrinth has since become my ritual. It is the place I go when matters of great import in my life are at hand.

The path, for me, has been one upon which I have attempted to nurture a sense of meaning and purpose in the things I do from day to day. The work on these pages is an expression of that endeavor.

Thank you for taking the time to visit. My most sincere hope in writing and publishing this is that it will someday, somehow, help someone, somewhere, find a path all their own.

Tom Gentry, January 2018