Uhh Yeah Dude, Thanks for the Call

Not long after I began publishing to this site, I started developing a podcast.  I’ll say more about that soon, on the podcast page.  But, this post is about expressing gratitude.

I wouldn’t call myself an avid listener of podcasts. There aren’t that many I listen to. But, there are a few that I have listened to loyally for a number of years. One of them is an LA-based weekly show called Uhh Yeah Dude. It’s tagline is America through the eyes of two American-Americans. As its title and description imply, it’s a funny show. It’s also popular.


The guys who co-host the show, Jonathan Larroquette and Seth Romatelli, have produces nearly 700 episodes since 2006. They have great chemistry and their own brand of social commentary. Rather than trying to describe their show in more detail, I want to encourage you to listen.

The two operate a voicemail line where listeners can call in if they so choose. Last week, I ran into a technical question about my new show and decided to reach out to them. I had no expectation of getting a call from either of them. They must have tens of thousands of listeners or more. But, I figured it was worth a shot.

Last night, as I was dozing off, my phone rang and Seth’s name lit up the caller ID. We had a brief but enjoyable conversation. He answered my question as best he could. He was cool and supportive and I got all the personality you hear from Seth on the show.

It meant a lot to me that this guy would take the time to show his support. So, thank you Seth. You’re a solid dude.