Stopping to Celebrate

photo by Jen Conway

photo by Jen Conway

I’ve had a great week. Aside from releasing my podcast, I reconnected with a friend of 20 years. The day before that, I began to develop a new and powerful alliance with an incredible person. I saw some gifted musicians play live last night among some of the people I love most in this world. Over the past few days, people in my life have shown me the kind of support that only comes from love and loyalty.

People close to me know the past six months or so have been intensely challenging for me. It’s because, around this time last year, I decided I was finished waiting for a “better time” to do what I really want to with my life. I felt fear, bud I had no doubt. This decision amounted to a significant leap of faith that required courage and sacrifice.

My calculable schedule became unpredictable. I’ve had to hustle in ways I haven’t needed to in many years. And perhaps most significant of all, it took staring down an emotional vampire or two and dousing them with holy water. As a result of all this, I’m happier and more at peace because I am more me.

But, this would not be true if I hadn’t embarked on this path with the consistent love and support of perhaps the most gifted therapist I’ve ever met. Her name is Donna Marks, and she just published her second book.

I’ve finally been able to begin shattering the illusion of scarcity which, for me, comes from being the youngest of eight children to parents raised in the frightening atmosphere of the Great Depression. And, the loud and disparaging voices borne from the betrayal of emotional abuse at the hands of the older brother who I only wanted to admire and love - they are finally fading into silence.

I knew I needed to stop and celebrate today, after a dose of abundance presented itself this morning. So, I decided to post this image.

I’ve never much liked the way I look in photographs. That, too, is beginning to change. But, I see many more joyful photos like this in my future.